Model AS-H

Range of application

For longer distances and/or permanent loads

On suitable tracks, crane rails or steel beams

Movement of heavy loads for longer distances or for progressive shifting of scaffolding and shuttering in bridge construction. Also used for hangar doors (hardened shelters), as crawler tracks, in nuclear power stations, in institutes for nuclear research, on oil rigs, in the ship building industry and for tunnel constructions.

particulary stable construction through continious cover plate

particulary wear-resistant due to chain guide (no lateral starting of the hain, mthus no wear of the bolt heads)

can be bolted to the load

Key Features

Extra robust construction

Low level construction with higher carrying capacity, exchangeable with models …AM and …A due to same outer dimensions

More stability achieved, if load is firmly bolted to roller skates

More stable operation and distribution of load

Reduced wear by center plate chain guide (no contact between chain and sidewalls, no wear to rivet heads)


Hints on use:

Models I-IIIv have 4 bolt holes as standard 

If problems of load distribution occur e.g. by wind forces, it is necessary to select moedel AS-H_50CrV4

Maximum speed: 5m/min

The rolling resistance depends on the track. For smaller models I-IIIv 7-5%, for larger models 5-3% of the total load

Available with

Location of the fixing holes can be arranged to suit customers’ requirements

Optional in galvanised or stainless steel construction 

Several models for off-shore puposes approved by LRS, ABS, DnV

Mod. AS-H (H=hardened and machined center plate)

AS-H-50CrV4 (roller material 50CrV4)