Model SD – S, K, S/P

Model SD – S, K, S/P

For transporting loads at a maximum speed of 100m/min.

For turning corners

Frequently used on construction sites


Solid steel construction of the rotating mountings.

Can be combined with other castors.

Model SD-S, SD-K

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Tragkraft (KN)Gewicht
SF 150 SSF 150 K220150190150141151521080120SF302021,415,4
SF 175 SSF 175 K220150190175141151523580120SF302026,216,9
SF 200 SSF 200 K220150190200141151526080120SF303031,618,5
SF 225 SSF 225 K270210210225181501528580120SF303040,422,9
SF 250 SSF 250 K270210210250181501531080120SF353547,324,7
SF 275 SSF 275 K270210210275181501533580120SF353555,226,5