About us

Since its founding in 1945, Boerkey GmbH has been a reliable developer and producer of special equipment for the transport of heavy loads.

The invention and start of the production of the Rolling Cart Express in 1951, as well as the start of the production of heavy duty wheels in 1955, laid the foundation for the successfull company history.

In the 1960s, the company was able to grow strongly due to the then high public investment in infrastructure, especially in the area of the construction of motorways, so that at the end of this decade a further expansion of production at the former location in Hagen/Delstern was no longer possible.

After the relocation to the current location in Hagen/Vorhalle in 1973, there was enough room for continuous expansion. With the naddition of another production hall in 1977, the available production area was further expanded.

Even today, Boerkey GmbH is 100% owned by the family for the fourth generation, wich among other things esures that we continue to be longterm and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and employees.