The company Boerkey is the inventor of the Roller Skates Express. With the help of this mechanical product, loads weghing several tons can be easily and safely moved.

The basic principle of the Roller Skate is quite simple and is based on a simple but ingenious idea: Already during the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, tons of heavy components were moved by means of rollers, but the released rear roller always had to be brought manually forward under the load.

In the case of the Roller Skates, this happens automatically, since the rollers are joined together to form a roller chain. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents and allows for easier and continous transport.

Since 1951, the Roller Skate has been naufactured at the Hagen location in Germany and used successfully by our customers worldwide.


As a supplement to our product range, we have been producing very robust heavy duty rollers and heavy duty trolleys for many decades.

In the following, we would like to show you a small excerpt from our projects for shifting heavy loads ….

Nuclear Research Centre in Genf

Participation for example at the L3, LHC and CMS Experiment at Cern

In the Nuclear Research Center CERN in Genf, elementary particles are accelerated in a ring accelerator and brought to a collision. For example, in the Large Hadron Collider LHC, hydrogen nucleus are brought to a collision with nearly lightspeed and with ton heavy detectors they try to research for the conditions at the time of the Big Bang. 

For the positioning of the detectors and the maintenance of the accelerator magnets, our Roller Skates were used for decades. At the here shown project, V AS-H-50CrV4(-FR-E) Roller Skates with a maximum load capacity of 85 tons were used.

Also at other Nuclear Researsch Centers with ring accelerators, e.g. DESY in Hamburg or JINR in Dubna/Moskau, our Roller Skates with their specific maximum loads up to 500 tons are used.


Arena of Schalke

In the year 2001, the Arena of Schalke in Gelsenkirchen opend after three years of construction phase. One peculiarity of this multifunctional arena is the movable, 750 tons heavy and 82 meters wide lower rank of the south tribune.

Depending on wich event takes place in the arena, it’s possible to move the tribune , wich has place for 8000 people, by 18 meters.

To manage this, the Boerkey GmbH constructed and  built two Zwillingswälzwagen with 500 tons and four Zwillingswälzwagen with 200 tons maxiumum load capacity.

Blast furnace

In a Chinese steel mill, an old blast furnace had to be removed for a new, more powerful one.

The new one was supposed to be placed at the exact same spot as the old one. To keep the production downtime as low as possible, the new one, wich weights 4000 tons, was build next to the old one and after its demantling it was moved to the previous position.


Ispad in Kasachstan

In a steel mill in Kasachstan a Steel ladle trolley was built, wich additionally has a rotating function for the steel ladle.

For that, the Börkey GmbH constructed and delivered sets of wheels, wich travel on a predetermined circular path to make the rotation possible. Each of the sets has a maxiumum load capacity of 90 tons.

The sets of wheels  have contributed to significant cost savings over other technical solutions.