Model A


For short displacement routes

transports heavy loads in mining,steel,machine,and bridge construction or as heavy roller conveyors

particularly stable construction through contiuous cover plate

can be bolted to the load


Key Features

robust overall construction (frame construction)

low overall height with high load capacity, identical in dimensions with AS+AM series 

firm connection, because the load or cover plate can be screwed

most stable load absorption and distribution

Model A-H (with hardened center plate) is used when the rollerskate is not moved under high load for a long time. As a result, a pressing of the hardened steel rolls is prevented in the standard non hardened center plate and ensures a uniformly low rolling resistance

Model A-H-50CrV4 (roll material 50CrV4) is recommended if the risk of short term overload beyond the specified bearing capacity of the rollerskates can not be excluded or is probable


Operating Tips

Models I-IIIv have 4 fixing holes: the middle ones are omitted

maximum displacement speed:  5m/min

for uncontrollable load distribution problems (eg wind pressure) choose models with hardened center plates and higher quality 50CrV4 roll material 

 Rolling resistance on models I-IIIv is 7-5% depending on the track conditions, 5-3% of the total load on the larger models 

 also available with

Location of the fixing holes can be arranged to suit customers requirements.

Optional in galvanised or stainless steel construction


Models A, A-H

(H= hardened and machined center plate)


(roller material 50CrV4)