Model SF – S, K, S/P

Range of applications

  • For transporting loads at a maximum speed of 100m/min.
  • Flange wheels for use on profiles 


  • Solid steel construction of the fixed castor
  • Position of fixing holes in top plate can be arranged to suit customers requirement
  • Can be combined with other castors
  • Passed the DIN 4422 test at the material research labortory for SF 150 S + SF 150 K

Model SF-S,SF-K

Sizeabc∅d1∅efghjkfitting to
Capacity (KN)Weight
SF 150 SSF 150 K220150190150141151518080120SLSD302016,710,7
SF 175 SSF 175 K220150190175141151521080120SLSD302021,412,1
SF 200 SSF 200 K220150190200141151523580120SLSD303026,713,6
SF 225 SSF 225 K220150190225141151526080120303032,715,2
SF 250 SSF 250 K270210210250181501528580120353541,919,3
SF 275 SSF 275 K270210210275181501531080120353549,721,0
SF 300 SSF 300 K270210210300181501533580120353558,622,9

Model SF-S/P

Sizeabc∅d1∅efghjkfitting to
Capacity (KN)Weight
SF 150 S220170180150181302019580130SLSD5016,9
SF 175 S220170180175181302022080130SLSD5021,6
SF 200 S220170180200181302024580130SLSD6026,913,6
SF 225 S2201701802251813020285801306032,915,2
SF 250 S2702102102501816020310801308042,119,3
SF 275 S2702102102751816020320801308049,921,0
SF 300 S2702102103001816020345801308058,822,9
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