Highest quality and highest – these are the characteristics of our products. Real German engineering.

Roller Skates

Roller Skates

The transport device for the heaviest loads (standard catalogue products up to a capacity of 400 tons each, special designs with a capacity of 2300 tons and even more) at a low speed (maximum 5m/min.).

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Highest quality Heavy-Duty Wheels (standard up to a capacity of 8 tons , special designs with a capacity of 50 tons and even more) with high overload capacity and higher speeds (standard 120m/min.).

Heavy Duty Wheels

Set of wheels

Sets of wheels

Robust sets of wheels as a multiple combination of our Heavy-Duty Wheels (special designs with a capacity of 100 tons each and even more) represent a mixture of the roller skate and a Heavy- Duty Wheel. These sets are also able to travel on a predetermined circular path.

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