Model K, G

Range of application

  • Used in areas threatened by corrosion
  • for particularly quiet running, which doesn’t damage the ground
  • at lower demand on carrying capacity and robustness than the steel wheel
  • In cases of minimal electic conductivity (plastic)
  • For transporting loads at a maxium speed of 100m/min


  • Solid basic construction with ball bearings
  • Delivered with various mountings
  • Special construction to suit customer requirements .
  • Passed the DIN 4422 test at the material research laboratory for plastic wheel 150k

Hints on use

  • Construction free of maintenance with advanteges over the steel wheel particularly in maritime environments or where is danger of corrosion
  • can be combined with fixed castors and swivel castors
  • Material doesn’t damage the ground, but is more susceptible than steel when handled roughly
Model K
Model G

SizeabØ d1Ø d2Ø d3suitable suspensions
of the series
Capacity (kN)Weight(kg)
PlasticRubber   KGKG
150 K 80901503050SFSLSD20 3,7 
175 K 80901753050SFSLSD20 4,3 
200 K 80902003050SFSLSD30 5,0 
225 K 80902253050SF SD30 5,8 
250 K 80902503050SF SD35 6,7 
 250 G1301452503050SF SD 10 9,0
 265 G1601752653050SF SD 15 10,0
275 K 80902753050SF SD35 7,6 
300 K 80903003050SF SD35 8,7 

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